Bellows Falls Farmers Market Bellows Falls Farmers Market

The Market: Vendors

Some of our vendors are Certified Organic - to find organic products, talk to our vendors about their production methods and look for this logo!


AlpineGlo Farm We have a small family farm located in North Westminster, about two miles from Bellows Falls. We currently raise goats for dairy, chickens and ducks for eggs and meat, as well as pigs. We offer fresh milk, meat, chicken, canned goods, desserts, prepared foods, and more. We currently sell prepared meals at the market made from our farm fresh selection of goods. As of 2013 we will be available to cater private events (please talk to us for further details and menu). We have a small herd of ADGA registered Alpine dairy goats. Kids are available for sale in the spring. We are in the process of opening a VT state inspected cheeseroom. Any donations are welcomed to help us achieve our goal. Fresh goat's milk is available for on-farm pick-up March through December (please call ahead to arrange a time). We are always happy to show off our farm - give us a call! or on Facebook at "AlpineGlo-Farm."

Ewetopia Farm Selling locally made maple syrup.

Grace & Miss Mouse Soaps are made in Bellows Falls by Judy Lidie. Her soaps are hand crafted the old fashioned way in small batches using local ingredients such as sheep milk, goat milk and herbs. Each bar produces lots of lather that is kind to the skin and never drying. You will find over 30 scents that are long-lasting but never overpowering. Treat yourself - try some today!

Guerrilla Grown Produce is a family run small farm based in Westminster, Vermont. Coming into our sixth growing season, we proudly offer our favorite varieties of about 50 vegetables using simple techniques and the grace of nature's resources. We take the utmost care in providing the highest quality foods while nurturing both our community and our earth without the use of any chemical agents. Our love and labor is the key to our sustainability. Guerrilla Grown is a movement based on the preserving of methods, proven by time, to feed ourselves.

Harlow Farm is located on Route 5, south of Bellows Falls. Third generation farmer Paul Harlow was an early pioneer of organic farming in Vermont and now the farm, in operation nearly a century, produces vegetables, fruits and berries, poultry, eggs, beef, lamb and pork using sustainable, environmentally conscious farming practices. We recently created a farm kitchen, and now offer a Harlow Farm line of jams, pickles, salsas, pestos and baked goods including breads and pastries. Our website provides information about our Winter CSA and creative recipes using locally produced foods. We are committed to the health and bounty of both the land we farm and the community we share.

Harlow Farm Meats is just that - MEAT! At the booth you will find all cuts of pork, grass fed beef, whole chickens and Brandon Allen. Brandon works full time for Harlow Farm mainly working with the livestock, sweet corn and equipment. In the last few years he has purchased the breeding stock and solely runs Harlows pork. Brandon's goal is to let the animals be animals!

J & B's Splitrock Farm - Contact John and Bonnie Keniston at

Morning Glory Granola is a cottage industry born of a love of good granola, good health, and good baking. Berta Martin of Saxtons River was in search of a delicious breakfast and snack that stays with you, is packed with nutrition, fiber, and vitamins, and goes well with local berries or yogurt. She bakes Morning Glory granola's inspired varieties using local maple syrup and honey, and other creative ingredients such as pumpkin seeds, flax seeds, organic unsweetened coconut, and dried cranberries, apricots, cherries, apples, or mango. Stop by her booth for free samples and find your favorite flavor!

Orchard Hill Breadworks is a small, rural bakery located in Alstead, New Hampshire. The bakery is run out of a renovated barn located on a family owned farm We strive to produce foods that nourish the body and please the palate. We believe that making positive connections with people around food builds happier and healthier communities. We support the work of farms and organizations that share our hopes for a strong local food system including growers, producers and markets.

Pumpkin Seeds offers healthy, homegrown plants to adorn their gardens and planters and enrich their dining experiences. We specialize in heirloom and unusual varieties of vegetable, annual and perennial flowers, herbs, houseplants and native North American wildflowers. All our plants, including the wildflowers, have been started at home from seed, or propagated from our own established garden plants. We offer varieties we have found to be flavorful, reliable, and easy to grow, and flowering plants that are not commonly found at garden stores. We believe that the healthiest and most productive gardens are balanced ecosystems in themselves, and therefore offer many plants that attract a variety of beneficial pollinators and pest-fighting "good bugs" to the garden. You will also find plants that feed the soil, or that feed the birds; others improve the growth of companion plants. All add color, flavor, fragrance or interest to the garden- and maybe a bit of nostalgia, as we often offer old-fashioned flowers that grew in grandmother's garden!

Sawyers Artisanal Cheese - Contact Joe and Sonia Sawyer for more information. 603-756-4314.

Sowing Peace Farm - This "pocket farm" in the heart of Westminster West village has been in operation ten seasons. Diverse selection of organic produce and canned goods made with homegrown organic ingredients, with an emphasis on heirloom and unusual varieties. Vegetable starts for sale in spring; produce and canned goods summer through fall. While not certified organic, synthetic fertilizers and pesticides are never used. Instead, emphasis is on soil building using the methods of ecological agriculture and on enhancing biodiversity.